Disposable email address functionality with Gmail

March 9, 2008

Spamgourmet is a well-known service for providing disposable email addresses. Why would you need a disposable email address? A site asks you to register before you can access its content, but you don’t want to receive marketing email from that site (or its future owners, who may or may not respect the privacy policy you agree to now). Labeling disposable email addresses also helps you identify sites that leak or sell your personal data.The official Gmail blog just posted an article on “2 hidden ways to get more from your Gmail address“. You can append a “+” sign to the end of your email address, and you will still receive the email.

So, for example, I can register for a site with thenunchuk+suspicioussite@gmail.com. If I start getting spam emails from somebody else sent to thenunchuk+suspicioussite@gmail.com, I can set up a rule to auto-delete them (rather than having to register a new address).


TinyMCE eats line breaks in Safari 3

February 3, 2008

My first post using WordPress gave me a headache as I was unable to insert the screenshot image with line breaks above and below, separating it from the text. It’s supposed to be easy! I shouldn’t have to switch from the WYSIWIG editor to the muck with the source HTML and insert <p> tags where they belong. It turns out that TinyMCE, the editor used in WordPress (and other blogging software as well) is buggy with Safari and deletes line breaks for fun. Grrrrr.

Now, the question is, if I bother to continue, do I hack with Safari (as described in the support article), use a second browser like Firefox (kludge), or an offline editor (kludge)? I’m writing this in Qumana, and it’s an OK Java app (but obviously Java).

We’ll see.